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Premium Dry Gin

The profile of a London Dry Gin with juniper and citrus flavours enhanced with fruity notes from sloes and bilberries. These are combined with the lighter, sweeter, floral tones from gorse and heather to give a very smooth, warm and rich gin with a long but slightly spicy finish.

SIZE: 70cl 40% Alc Vol


“It brings back memories of walks in the Peak District with a traditional juniper balanced beautifully with rich, juicy fruit flavours from bilberries and sloes and a smooth, long finish – a truly great gin…”

Jamie Baxter – Craft Distilling Services Ltd

“The Premium Dry is a truly special Gin – soft smooth berries with a real kick of Juniper and a touch of spice…”

Sophie Rodgers – Restaurant Manager Hathersage Social

The perfect

Gin & Tectonic

First you need an ice-cold glass and bottle of our Premium Dry Gin. Next, wipe the rim of the glass with your chosen fruit (we love lime) and add a large block of ice, which will keep your drink perfectly chilled for longer. Pour over 1 measure of gin and top up with 1-11/4 measures of tonic. Take some lime rind and twist several times over the top of your glass; the fresh lime oil and Shivering Mountain G&T combo will elevate your taste experienceto a whole new level.


Shivering Mountain Premium Dry Gin. Your choice of tonic.
For a sharper G&T try Franklin’s Natural Indian Tonic water with a slice of lime in summer or orange in winter.

For a mellow G&T try Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water with a slice of cucumber or a twist of lemon garnish.